Defence Families

Defence Families

Our centres are in prime locations, close to Defence housing, which allows us to engage with many Defence families who choose our education and care service.  

We have a commitment to understanding the needs of Defence families and their unique circumstances and lifestyle. We know that unexpected postings and quick transitions into a community are part of the defence lifestyle, and we are here to support your family to make those transitions as easy as possible. 

Defence families can access the following at our centres: 

  • Remote tours and phone interviews with the centre director 
  • Digital newsletters to update families who are remotely located 
  • Priority of access 
  • tailored orientation process based on the needs of the family 
  • A supportive and friendly early learning community  
  • Social/informative events at the centre held throughout the year  

Please reach out If there is anything we can do to support you and your family during your transition to the ACT.