Our Toddler Approach

Our Toddler Education and Care Approach



Our environments are thoughtfully curated to enable children to build their autonomy and to support their behaviours, interests and needs. The toddler room offers challenges and consistency for our 2-3 year olds. It is important for toddlers to know where they can find the resources in their space and be able to revisit their favourite activities and work each time they attend the service. We structure the room to create small intimate play areas in the larger space so children can have a sense of seclusion and independence whilst engaging in play but they can be thoughtfully observed by our educators.


Respectful Relationships

Toddlers are supported in building close relationships with Educators and their peers. We ensure that we are laying the foundations for a deep understanding of respecting other people’s personal space and boundaries and supporting toddlers to navigate complex interpersonal relationships. We speak to children in a respectful way and role model positive interactions with our colleagues and other children to create a space of mutual respect and appreciation.


Emotional Guidance 

We use the techniques of emotion coaching to support toddlers to develop emotional awareness and to manage their behaviours and connect with and understand the underlying feelings. Our educators make sure they acknowledge children’s feelings and discuss them so that children begin to be able to name their feelings, think about how to manage them and work with educators to develop strategies to learn skills to self regulate. We engage children with thinking about how to interact with those around them in a respectful way and to become aware of themselves in the context of a community.

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