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Meet our Educator, Jen, from Wonderschool Conder

Aug 27, 2020 | Meet the staff

How good would it be to go to work knowing that you’re welcomed and loved every single day by lots and lots of people? Well, when you’re working with a group of toddlers who adore you, that’s definitely the case. As is our Educator, Jen, an Early Childhood Teacher in the Toddler Room at Wonderschool Conder. 


Canberran born and bred, and living in Conder for her whole life, there isn’t anywhere else Jen would rather be. And despite extensive global travel, it’s the amazing relationships Jen has formed with the children at Wonderschool that let her know she is right where she wants to be. 

Jen has always wanted to be teacher and achieved her lifelong dream last year, obtaining her degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education.

“In childcare there is a wonderful support system, and every day brings something new to the job. I’m really enjoying the experience of getting to know everyone involved in the centre, including the families in the other rooms,” said Jen.

And why Wonderschool? Jen says it was the look of the Throsby centre that first attracted her. But it’s much more than that for her.

“I love that Wonderschool is actively trying to limit waste and uses natural environments for experiences. I love how inclusive the centre is, and how I can smile with pride when we raise our flags, knowing how we are all taking part in respecting the communities associated with them,” Jen continued.

Jen also enjoys working with the RIE approach.

“I think one-on-one relationships are really important, and it’s a new approach that I’ve never worked with before. I think it’s a really good approach in working with the age group I am in, and hopefully it can help me to facilitate even stronger relationships in the room,” she said.

Whilst acknowledging that some days can be challenging, the children bring a smile to Jen’s face every single day and she says she loves watching them grow and learn new things, discover a new word and how friendly they all are.

“They make me happy, and I love helping them figure out their place in the world,” said Jen.

As well as working at Wonderschool, Jen has big plans for her future. She is a trained singer and actor, and has a short story published. She plans to one day write a children’s book too, which is sure to make the children love her more.