Starting the day right with Wonderschool morning rituals

Oct 22, 2020 | Empowerment

For young children, knowing what comes next in their world helps them to feel safe and secure, and it helps them to understand that the adults around them care for them. This is why at Wonderschool we believe in starting the day off right with our morning ritual.

Our morning ritual helps to make the mornings a little smoother and also builds confidence in your child. If you talk to your child about what is happening when you arrive for the day –  who will be looking after them, who they are going to see and what they are going to do while they’re at Wonderschool – it helps your child feel more settled and ready to take on the day.

Our recommended Wonderschool morning ritual involves:

  • Talking to your child when you leave your home about where you are going and what you are going to do when you arrive at Wonderschool
  • Put your school bag away
  • Place your drink bottle in the drink station
  • Greet your child’s Wonderschool Welcoming Person
  • If your child is settled and confident and happy to initiate play, help set them up with an experience once you have said hello to the Welcome Person
  • Inform your child you are going to go to work
  • Give your child a kiss and cuddle (it’s important that once you have said goodbye, you do leave as this will help your child settle and know you are coming back after work.)

If your child is feeling a little upset, it’s important to acknowledge his or her feelings and then once they are more settled, offer them an experience. The child will usually venture off into different experiences once comfortable, knowing their Welcome Person is there if they need further cuddles.

Some tips for a happy morning transition:

  • When leaving, leave confidently without turning back. Trust in the educator to take care of your child
  • Whilst we realise some children are happy to go off and play on their own, we encourage you to say hello to the Welcome Person each day
  • If you and your child have a special way of saying goodbye, let your centre know and we can help with this.

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