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Aug 17, 2020 | Wonder

Wonderschool’s outdoor play spaces are very popular. The children always answer a big ‘YES’ at the mention of outdoor time, moving to their lockers, finding their hats and putting on sunscreen to promote self-help. We are very fortunate to have such amazing playgrounds to explore. We aim to move play equipment around weekly to encourage the children to test their abilities by rock climbing, leaping, balancing, running/walking on different surfaces.

We want the children to figure out how a pump may work and to cart water around the playground using the many buckets offered. Our children are actively taking lots of measured risks in the playground, it is so great to watch this all taking place. They appear to love exploring and we have noticed that we have lots of young risk-takers in our group.

This reflects our ongoing values here at Wonderschool; we believe that children have the ability to try out new and challenging experiences and take control of their own play. Giving them that trust will help them gain the confidence to have a go at anything… (with our guidance and supervision of course!)


We value Wonder as a state of being, engaging with the unknown, taking the time to explore the possibilities, to allow thought provoking conversations and being captivated in the moment.