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The Value of Good Food – Dinner’s Ready

Jun 10, 2021 | Empowerment

Many of us have fond memories of favourite family mealtimes. There is nothing quite as nourishing for our bodies and souls as good home-cooked food.

“Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed… I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself.” – Delia Smith

Meals start before we even get to the table, the smell of our favourite food wafting across the room, piquing our interest, whetting our appetite. Do you remember freezing days, getting home from after school activities, opening the door to a warm house and the smell of lasagne filling the room? The anticipation and then the satisfaction as you taste the first bite of the perfect combination of mozzarella, bechamel sauce and bolognese.

Dinner’s ready Meal Service

Dinner’s Ready is a food service that knows the value of good food and good family time together. Alison & Tim started the company driven by the idea that everyone deserves, and needs, a good meal at the end of the day.

Alison & Tim were settling down on beautiful acreage in Jindabyne, close to friends and ready for retirement, but things took a different turn. Alison & Tim were not quite ready to relax completely though and seeing the need for quality meals as a take-home option in the area pulled the business together in a short amount of time and started selling Dinner’s ready take-home meals.

What set them apart from the beginning was their unwavering commitment to quality. Tim & Alison believed in the idea of food nourishing people. It needed to be something to look forward to at the end of the day. Comforting, nutritious and quick. They sourced professional chefs & cooks to make their meals. Alison & Tim knew it would be easier to get one person to batch cook all meals but they were seeking a more authentic approach and so they went to different chefs who specialised in each cuisine. They choose chefs who had signature dishes- butter chicken from a chef in an Indian restaurant, the perfect cottage pie from a cook who had perfected it over many years, and a beef lasagne made by an Italian chef, who made the pasta from scratch.

Canberra visitors to Jindabyne would pick up the food on the way into Jindabyne and quickly on their way back out again too. The business grew and soon Tim & Alison sold their 100 acres in Jindabyne and their dream house and came back to Canberra to continue to meet the demand for their delicious meals.

Alison and Tim were driven by offering a service that really helped people. They knew from the stories of their customers that one of the biggest problems that people had was that they did not have time to cook the food they wanted to feed their families all the time and so on those nights when they needed a break they were resorting to Pizza or something not so great. Other customers could not cook for themselves and rely upon readymade meals but the ones on offer were cheap, inferior quality and a bit depressing.  The Dinner’s ready meals were designed to be food that was joyful, enticing, and good.

Good Food made for you

Dinner’s ready meals use whole ingredients and are made from scratch. The beautiful handmade pasta, the delicious butter chicken sauce, the beef rendang, the chefs cook all components of the meals. Apart from tasting amazing, the real advantage of cooking food this way is that they have np preservatives and hidden sugar and salt content. The meals are cooked the way you would cook them at home but with the extra flair of the talented chefs and cooks that Alison & Tim have sought out to be a part of their team. Alison & Tim do not compromise on their ingredients either. Whilst many readymade meals have an exceedingly small portion of meat in them, Alison and Tim make sure that when you receive Butter chicken it has a high portion of actual chicken in it.

Wonderschool knows how busy families are and so we reached out to Dinner’s Ready to help us to help families. We know the importance of good nutrition for young children. According to The Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, most children aged between 2 and 8 fall short of the recommended number of Vegetables, grains, and dairy each day. They also have over the recommended amount of sodium intake each day. Dinner’s ready was an option for us to present families with a desirable alternative to weekly takeout meals but still having a night off cooking. Many of us work full time as well as having a family and our lives now can be busy and demanding, a night off is a welcome break for everyone to able to relax and being able to still have a delicious, well-made dinner together is a wonderful thing.

Tim & Alison deliver their meals to many people who really need them. They also deliver to a Women’s Shelter each week, to ensure that Women there are nourished and enjoying high-quality food.

The best kind of Self Care

Food sustains us all, brings us together, and is there when we celebrate, when we grieve, when we welcome new babies into our families and when we connect with friends and family. Dinner’s ready can take the burden off preparing high-quality food and give us back more time to engage with the people we love, to socialise during our mealtimes and to enjoy our lives.

Look at your week ahead, look at the Dinner’s ready menu and plan a family meal you do not have to cook. The range is extensive and caters to many tastes. The great thing that Dinner’s ready is offering exclusively for Wonderschool families is free delivery to our centres and a minimum of $50 order. Once you have your meals ordered all you need to do is pick them up from your child’s centre on either Tuesdays or Thursdays and then take it home and reheat or keep them frozen for another night. It is the perfect backup meal for a cold winter’s night. Please go over to Dinner’s ready’s website and check out the meals. Meals to hare (dinnersready.com.au)

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”
Alan D. Wolfelt