Building respectful relationships through imaginative play with ‘bubbas’

Nov 19, 2020 | Respect

Written by Elle

At Wonderschool we genuinely encourage and foster many opportunities for children to engage in imaginative and role play throughout their time with us.

By allowing the children to engage in play with dolls in the room, or ‘bubbas’ as they just love to call them, the children begin to learn about respectful relationships with one another (what it means to be respectful), as well as developing their social and emotional skills and a sense of identity. This kind of play also encourages creativity and imagination.

The children in the Nursery have recently taken an interest in the Wonderschool bubbas. While engaging in this play, the children have been discovering, pointing out and verbalising the facial features of the dolls, as well as their own and their peers in the room.

The children have been engaging in role play experiences with the bubbas, scaffolding their own learning and interests in many of the same experiences and rituals they engage in day-to-day. The children are often observed playing games such as peek-a-boo with their bubbas, and also engaging in key care experiences such as rocking and patting the dolls to sleep.

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