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Children make sense of their world through dramatic or make-believe play.

Nov 12, 2020 | Integrity

At Wonderschool we place high importance on dramatic and make-believe play. This kind of play is one way that children learn, and how they can make sense of their world.

Dramatic and make-believe play also helps children to:

  • learn the value of teamwork and cooperation
  • share ideas and thoughts from within their own imagination
  • negotiate roles
  • use language and;
  • begin to think from different perspectives.

What children hear in songs, see in books, on TV and the conversations they listen to or are a part of day-to-day, provide children with mass amounts of information. Sometimes, they don’t always know what to do with this information, as it does not yet make sense.  Play can help them to make sense of it in a fun way.

Dramatic or make-believe play provides opportunities for children to explore their own identity, as well as the identities and roles of others. Whether that’s taking care of a baby like they have seen a family member do, trying on different dress-ups to create and explore how it would feel to be the person wearing the clothes, or giving back-seat directions to their peer who is driving the car, children are learning, negotiating and seeing their world through different perspectives.

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